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Project Types

The J-VER Steering Committee identifies project types that should be promoted under the scheme.
These methodologies are made under the concept of eligibility criteria, called positive lists.
These projects which would not be implemented without this scheme must be added to the list of methodologies for the J-VER scheme.

List of Project Types for the J-VER Scheme

Emission Reduction (37Types)

No. Project Types
E001Fuel switch from fossil fuels to woody biomass fuels for a boiler
E002Fuel switch from fossil fuels to woody pellet fuels for a boiler
E003Fuel switch from fossil fuels using woody pellet heater stoves
E004Fuel switch from fossil fuels to biodiesel fuels (waste cooking oil base) used in vehicles and others
E005Fuel switch from fossil fuels to solid biomass fuels (sewage sludge based)
E006Recovery and utilization of waste heat
E007Fuel switch from fossil fuels to woody biomass (firewood) for a firewood stove
E008Reduction of fuel consumption by improving transport efficiency, utilizing IT technology
E009Reduction of fuel consumption by monitoring vehicles, utilizing IT technology
E010Renewal of lighting facilities
E011Renewal of boilers
E012Renewal of compressor in air conditioning facilities
E013Energy efficiency improvement of air conditioning by introducing free-cooling and introducing fresh air
E014Renewal of iron equipment
E015Substitution of grid electricity for small hydroelectric power generation
E016Introduction of co-generation equipment
E017Renewal of fan and pump or introduction of inverter and controlling equipment
E018Fuel switch from fossil fuels to waste based biogas for supply of heat and electricity
E019Introduction of heat pump
E020Production and use of Refuse Paper & plastic Fuels (RPF)
E021Conversion and utilization of waste plastic to oil or gas as fuels by thermal decomposition
E022Recovery and utilization of waste heat for waste treatment facilities
E023Transportation Energy Efficiency Activities by installing digital tachograph systems for commercial vehicles
E024Substitution of grid electricity for solar power generation
E025Fuel switch from coals to unused biomass for cement kilns
E026Energy efficiency improvement of air conditioning facilities by installing a rooftop greenery
E027Fuel Switch from Fossil Fuels to Biomass Derived from Fish Oil
E028CO2 Emission Reduction by Environmentally-friendly Driving Using Car Navigation Systems
E029Efficiency Improvement of Domestic Truck Transportation Involving Marine Container Transportation
E030Renewal of Sewage Sludge Dryers
E031Production and Use of Recycled Fuel Oil Derived from Oil Waste
L001Abatement of N20 emission from pig excreta disposal by utilizing low-protein feed
L002Conversion of disposal management system for livestock excreta
I001Gas Switch from SF6 to COF2 in the Liquid Crystal Display Production Process
I002Introduction of GHG-free Insulated Switchgears and More
A001Mitigation of N2O Emissions from Tea Land Soil by Applying Chemical Fertilizers Containing Nitrification Inhibitor
A002Mitigation of CH4 Emissions from the Flooded Rice Paddies by Applying Composts Instead of Rice Straws
*Translation of technical terms in this list is provisional.