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About J-VER

Japan's Offset Credit (J-VER) Scheme

What is "Offset Credit (J-VER) Scheme"?

J-VER Scheme, established by the MOEJ in November 2008, is a verification scheme for credits generated through the reduction/removal by sinks of greenhouse gases carried out by domestic projects.

By utilizing the J-VER scheme, funds for carbon offsetting by individuals, businesses, local governments and others can be directed to support domestic project proponents in forest management and vitalize local industries.

J-VER is a new mechanism to promote domestic Green New Deal program through a global warming prevention campaign, expansion of job opportunities, and economic measures by using private-sector capital.

In order to meet international standards, J-VER scheme is designed and operated in accordance with ISO-14064-2, 14064-3 and 1406-5 and provides domestic VER to domestic carbon market mainly for CSR purpose.

Project registration and credit issuance requires the third party validation/verification by the accredited bodies under ISO14065 accreditation program by International Accreditation Forum members.

Offset Credit (J-VER) Scheme